The work[s] 

Industrielle is art jewelry for the modern wo[man]*. Each piece is hand-fabricated and created individually, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. Kathryn creates one-of-a-kind pieces that appeal to a wearer’s strength, sense of adventure and willingness to be an individual. 

Since moving from Canada to Scottsdale, Arizona 10 years ago, Kathryn has become involved in designing and creating contemporary pieces that reflect her love of industrial design, mid-century modernism, contemporary art and architecture, classic black and white photography, words and poetry. She has studied with local teachers and learned several techniques through her own exploration of form and materials. She loves minimalism, near-minimalism, clean lines, geometric shapes and beautiful design. 

Kathryn works with Argentium sterling silver. Argentium has a minimum silver content of 93.5% and has the added element of germanium, which creates a tarnish-resistant finish with natural lustre and shine. Argentium is environmentally friendly and sourced responsibly. It is produced using only recycled silver from refiners and not mined silver. Argentium silver alloys do not contain nickel, making it a hypo-allergenic and safe choice for those who may have allergies to certain metals.  It is also low maintenance, easy to care for and simple to clean. 

There is a unique juxtaposition of feminine and masculine elements in many Industrielle pieces. The combination of silver, cultured and freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and raw nuggets, with industrial components like concrete, rubber, stainless steel and hardware store pieces give Kathryn's work a unique, contemporary aesthetic that reflects modernism with an edge. 

All work is produced in Kathryn's Scottsdale studio. She is a member of the Argentium Silver Guild. She has a household of four rescue cats, and contributes to several organizations that support animals, animal life and conservation. 

"I believe that every woman is beautiful and that her flaws make her interesting. I create my jewelry to complement a woman's beauty, to mirror her strength and independence, and to celebrate her natural elegance."

*Yes! Men's designs are in the works!